Trouble Receiving This Newsletter?

You probably have a friend or family member who’s been wondering why they haven’t been receiving these newsletter emails, even though they remember getting them years ago. Chances are it’s been filed into the Promotions tab of their Gmail account, or, worse, found its way into the Spam folder. Help us help your loved ones recover their newsletter subscriptions. Ask them to:

  1. Check the Promotions or Spam folder for weekly newsletter emails from ISKCON Alachua.
  2. Mark them as “not spam” and move them back to the Inbox.
  3. Add the sender,, to the email account’s Contacts, Address Book or safe list.

Signed up with an old email address that’s no longer being used?

Another common reason for not receiving this newsletter is if someone signed up years ago with an old email address they no longer use. In this case, please let us know the old address so we can remove it from our system, and use the link below to re-subscribe with a current email address.

Click here to subscribe with a current email address.

The temple newsletter is emailed weekly, on Tuesday mornings around 6:00 a.m. Keep an eye out for it, and, if need be, rescue it from the Promotions or Spam folder. Remember to add as a contact to your email account’s address book.

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