‘The Kindness Pandemic’: An ISKCON-wide Contest for Young Artists

By: ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on May 15, 2020

While the coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, luckily for us, so is kindness. Even though they are physically restricted in their movement, people find ways to reach out, express appreciation to and care for one another. They sing together on balconies to cheer each other up; they leave bags of groceries at the doorstep of the sick, or the old; they clap for the healthcare workers serving at the frontline; distribute free food to the police and sanitation workers who  maintain order and keep things clean for us, or, they leave chalk drawings with encouraging messages on the sidewalk for us to see when we occasionally venture out to get some fresh air.

These simple, little acts of kindness warm our hearts, help us cope with our struggles, and make us feel that we are not alone, but truly belong to a larger community.

These simple, little acts of kindness are powerful, cathartic, and could change our lives forever.

ISKCON News is calling young artists, aged 3-18, to recognize and capture these little acts of kindness around them and turn them into an artwork. Click to read full article on ISKCON News.

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