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Eco Teaching Farm gardensAkuti Devi Dasi reporting

We have been busy at the Eco Teaching Farm the last few years putting the foundational components in place. The cobb entrance, goshala/barn, solar water pump, biogas digester, Vrinda Devi “temple shrine” built using cob and natural techniques, planned gardens and the log cabin are complete. Now comes the daily maintenance and, of course, periodic improvements. We still have a ways to go to reach the goal of facilitating field trips, seminars, festivals, retreats and a variety of craft classes.

The pandemic time has been mostly spent transforming the garden area, which had previously been a dumping and burning arena, into a nice garden park. Please come by and see the progress. We are waiting for permission to complete a pond and decorative pillars for the patio. 

Winter means turmeric time for us; digging up, cleaning, cutting, drying and grinding the turmeric. We go home with yellow hands. This year we will have hundreds of pounds for the temple and for sale. It is totally organic, a gorgeous color and of course great for your health.

Pushpavan Prabhu has been generously giving his time and green thumb to make a bulb garden with thousands of tuberoses. He has added some other surprise fragrant flower bulbs for next year. The deities and their pujaris are in bliss getting to offer them daily, during the long flowering season.

We should be seeing the construction underway this year for a couple of retreat cabins for our outside community followers to stay in. We will advertise it for those wanting to get out of the city and get their hands “dirty” helping and learning along with us, and just being an opportunity to embrace nature and get closer to Krishna. 

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