Teacher Training Course 1 by Krishna Institute

Increasing Your Preaching Capacity

What: Teacher Training Course One (TTC1)
Where: Alachua Learning Academy
When: March 17 (evening), 18 & 19 and 24 (evening), 25 & 26
Who: Janaki devi dasi and Madhuri Pura das

Interested in inspiring or helping others so their spiritual development and service will increase dramatically? The Krishna Institute (KI) will empower you to do just that with TTC1. You may be thinking, “Teacher Training? What has this got to do with preaching?” In response to this concern, let’s review some ISKCON history. In 1998 a team of ISKCON educators introduced student-centered learning via TTC1 and TTC2. This facilitation style has since become the ISKCON standard for seminars, university preaching, and even Bhakti Vriksa groups. Why is it so successful? The comments from devotees who attended KI’s TTC1 last July will help answer this question: “The atmosphere was great for learning and the devotee association was fantastic! The skills I acquired in this course are extremely useful, and devotees may easily engage them in many ways such as in facilitating workshops, giving a Bhagavatam class, organizing a devotee study group, helping devotees in challenging circumstances, or even raising children.”Madhumati devi dasi

We’re offering TTC1 to empower you in your service to Prabhupada’s mission. Please access this opportunity by going to our website to review more testimonials, the course description, scheduling details, and to enroll: http://krishnainstitute.org/teacher-training-course-1

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