Support Community Social Services

The urgency of having a well coordinated Devotee Care Group has been very clear. In just the past three weeks we have seen one devotee leave their body plus and four different hospitalizations for serious injury plus one at-home recuperation from a stroke.

To best help the devotee and their family each case needs to be assessed. Do they need visitors? Prasadam delivery? Rides for shopping, doctor visits? Help paying the rent? The list could go on.

While we have a team of very sincere devotee caregivers, we desperately need someone to coordinate them with the person in need. Someone to point everyone in the right direction for the best care they can get. Devotees love to serve each other, but sometimes we don’t know what the best way to do that is.

Radha devi dasi Selvester has stepped forward to take on this position, and she is absolutely the best possible person for this big job. Radha has spent many years coordinating social services for Alachua County. She has been an Outreach Specialist with CDS Family and Behavioral Health Services Inc. , FloridaWorks Community, and with Medical Foster Parent and Developmental Disabilities Home. (click here to see her full resume).
She is the definition of “the busiest person getting the most done”. She has a wealth of knowledge of county services we could be taking advantage of, is super organized and ready to go. Please read the attached document about the Hare Krishna Social Services Coordinator she has submitted to us.

To get started she needs a small monthly stipend of $500. We are asking 20 people to commit a regular monthly donation of only $25. click here to set up the recurring payment on Paypal. Once this is done Radha can get started!! You never know when the person in need is going to be you!

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