Sankirtan Seminar with Vaisesika Prabhu

Fri. Dec 1

  • 6p-8.30p “Goodwill Ambassador”
  • 8.30p Light Prasadam

Sat. Dec 2

  • 8-10a “How to distribute a Gita on its own merit”
  • 10-11a Breakfast
  • 11a-2.30p Sankirtan outing w/Vaisesika prabhu
  • 3-4.30p lunch and sharing of sankirtan experiences
  • 6.30-8.30p Gaura arati and bhajans w/Vaisesika prabhu
  • 8.30p Light Prasadam

Sunday Dec 3

  • 8-10a How to organise a “Monthly Sankirtan Festival” [MSF] and SB set distribution
  • 10a breakfast


Click here to register. There is no registration fee; however, your donation will help to cover the cost of prasadam and administrative expenses and will be greatly appreciated. Please click below to donate.

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