Safety Protocols for Summer Festivals


  • Face masks must be worn on temple property, including by children ages five and older.
  • We will have prasad pre-packed in to-go boxes and request you take it home with you, so that masks can stay on at all times. 
  • If you’re not feeling well, please stay home.
  • On festival days, we encourage everyone to take part in the morning program virtually, as much as possible. We will be live streaming on and on our ISKCON Alachua Facebook page all day.
  • During busy times, there will be attendants at the temple doors, and occupancy will be limited to 10 minutes per person, socially distanced, standing or sitting on the designated X marks on the temple room floor. You may occupy an X mark along with one additional family member. When there are no X marks available, please line up outside on the veranda, along the yellow lines. Every ten minutes, a temple staff member will sound a gong, signaling to those on the X marks to please exit the temple room so others waiting in line can move in. You may join the end of the line if you wish to come in again.
  • Line up on the yellow marks on the men’s side of the veranda for walk-through darshan. When it’s your turn, you may spend up to one minute in front of each altar, before exiting the temple room on the ladies’ side.
  • If you would like to chant japa in the temple room during non-crowded times, please choose a socially distanced spot and keep your mask on the whole time.
  • Do not crowd the veranda by congregating there or by circumambulating the temple in groups; we have a lot of space on the property where you can walk in groups away from the building.
  • Please listen to the class from the air conditioned comfort of your own home.
  • Until the virus spread lessens in our county, the temple room will close after Gaura Arati at 7:00 p.m. each evening, including on Sundays.
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