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Hear from Samkirtan prabhu, and others, as they enthrall you in the stories of our favorite monkey warrior.   Pastimes include “When the Mountains Lost Their Wings,” “Hanuman Eats the Sun,” Hanuman pledges Himself to Rama, Hanuman Flies Across the Ocean, Hanuman finds Sita and Burns Lanka, Hanuman Saves Laksmana, and Hanuman Meets Bhima. You’ll also hear portions of the Golden Avatar Ramayana and great bhajan from Gauravani, Madhava, Padmarani, Krishna Kishore and more; as well as a sweet Baby Hanuman Chalisa from Naimi and Vishvambhara.  Jaya Hanuman!

Stay at Home Morning Programs

Can’t make it to the temple? Stream or download these stay at home morning programs.

Morning Meditations One

Srila Prabhupada Japa – Vande Hum – Mangala Arotika – Devotees chant Hare Krishna – Prabhupada “On Chanting” – Yamuna devi sings Govinda prayers with the devotees. 

Morning Meditations Two

Srila Prabhupada sings Mangala Aroktika, Narasimha prayers in English followed by Narasimha kirtan in Mayapura Chandrodaya Mandir, Srila Prabhupada sings Siksastakam and then gives purport, Yamuna sings Govinda and leads kirtan, Prabhupada sings Jaya Radha Madhava. 

Morning Meditations Three

Vishnjana Swami leads Mangala Arotika and Narasimhadeva prayers, Srila Prabhupada japa meditation, Govinda prayers, Srila Prabhupada speaks, Madhuri Puri sings Guru Vandana prayers. 

Morning Meditations Four

Bada Hari feat. Nadiya Muni, “Ocean of Mercy,” Swarupa Damodara sings Narasimha, followed by Tulasi and Guru Vandana prayers – various artists.

Morning Meditations Five

Kirtan sings beautiful Mangalacaranam, Srila Prabhupada chants Hare Krishna, Tulasi prayers by Swarupa Damodara dasa, Narasimha prayers, Vrinde Namaste Caranaravrinda with Bada Haridasa, Yamuna devi: Govinda into Guru Vandana into Hare Krishna!

Morning Meditations Six

Prabhupada Japa (Nature) and mixed artists bhajan.  Very mellow.

Nectar Talks Episode 8 with Sanka Das

Get ready to hear some of Sanka prabhu’s wild stories in Krsna Consciousness!  He’s been cooking for Yogeshvara Krsna for many many years and is ready to pass the torch.  How is he going to do that?  Learn about his views on family and how he is dealing with his terminal diagnosis, and much more.

The Story of the Aghasura Demon

Rangavati tells the story of the Aghasura Demon, enchanting reading from the pages of Bala Books.

Radio Rama –

Show I

Show 2

Two unearthed jewels from the early days of our movement, Radio Rama was a syndicated radio show produced by Madhu Pandit Dasa (ACBSP Vancouver) in the early 1970’s, that aired on several stations across the country; fun to hear.

Nectar Talks Episode 7

Featuring Krishna House’s Nanda Nandana Dasi – Amrita-Keli Dasi and Namamrita Dasa interview the manager of Krishna Lunch at UF, Gainesville, about how she found Krishna in the hardcore scene, her passion for Krishna Lunch, and her adventurous journey through decades of outreach.

Rama Nauvami Prelude

Tune in to our special presentation which we offer in anticipation of the upcoming Rama Nauvami celebration.  Part One is from Nectar Talks and features their recent sit down with Vrinda Sheth and her mother Anna Purna as they discuss the making of the Sita Trilogy.  Part Two is a family show featuring beautiful audio presentations of Rama Pastimes and endearing song.

Nectar Talks 6: Vrinda and Anna Purna

In this episode of Nectar Talks, Namamrita Das interviews Vrinda Devi Sheth and Annapurna Dasi as they take us on a journey through Vrinda Devi’s Trilogy, Sita’s Fire.  Hear about their creative expression, unexpected healing and giving voice to the women of the Ramayana.  Vrinda Devi describes finding her voice, balance and identity through it all.

Gaura Purnima Specials

Sri and Me: Jarikanda

Anapayani takes the children on an adventure of song and dance culminating in the story of Lord Chaitanya visiting the Jarikanda forest.

Rangavati Reads from the Chaitanya Mangala

reads from the Chaitanya Mangala a beautiful pastime of why the Lord determined to appear as His devotee.  Share in this intimate pastime by hearing this treasured narration.

Jagai and Madhai

Listen to this charming rendition of the story of Jagai and Madhai, reinvigorated from Radha Damodara’s ISKCON drama archives. Mahendrani is the narrator and also reads for Sri Chaitanya.  Madhumati and Ananta Rasa feature as Jagai and Madai.  And Sri Vrindavan is Lord Nityananda!

A Meditation on Advaita Acarya with Madhumati, Mahendrani and Ananta Rasa prabhus(E21 P1)

This is a transcendental exchange between three dear friends.  First a reading of the story of Advaita Acarya and Sita devi meeting Lord Caitanya, and then a reflection on the text. A beautiful sharing for Sri Advaita Acarya’s upcoming appearance, in the mood of the reading groups that are currently inspiring so many devotees. 

Remembering Bhaktitirtha Swami: Appearance Day Specials

Bhaktitirtha Swami: Memories, Music and Meditations

Hear alternating meditations, memories and music. Featuring The Beggar, brief sharings from Visakha, Yadhubara, Rukmini devi, Vraja Lila and Ekavira intertwined with kirtan from Bhaktitirtha Swami, and bhajan.

Bhaktitirtha Swami:  Leadership and Media Talks

Devotees of Bhaktitirtha Swami from the Springhill Transcendigital Studios and Higher Consciousness Enterprise, who were originally engaged in taping and setting up speaking engagements for Bhaktitirtha Swami here in the West, offer these clips of Bhaktitirtha Swami speaking on Leadership and recounting his meetings with Nelson Mandela.

Bhaktitirtha Swami:  Simple Living – High Thinking and the Power of Prayer

This segment includes a talk from Bhaktitirtha Swami on the importance of Simple Living – High Thinking and the Power of Prayer.

You will also hear a beautiful description from Yasoda devi explaining the how and why of the move to Gita Nagari by a good number of Bhaktitirtha Swami’s disciples, and a bit about how it changed their lives and impacted this rural Pennsylvania community.

Bhaktisiddhantha Saraswati Thakura Specials

Adore Ye All

Srila Prabhupada speaks about His Spiritual Master and Yamuna devi sings. 

Ray of Vishnu

You won’t want to miss Dr. Kapoor’s recounting of his meeting and initiation by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakus as he sits with Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavana.  You’ll also hear a recounting of the life of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati by Amarendra prabhu and a beautiful drama by the devotees in Chowpatty. 

Nectar Talks 5: Career Balance and Growing Up in ISKCON with Gaura Shakti Das

Hear from Gaura Shakti of his life, and realizations on entrepreneurship, soul-searching, service and kirtan.  Along with his wife, Krishna Dhama dasi, this husband, father, and professional has helped enliven our community for many years through his dedicated service to projects such as the Festival of the Holy Name and the Village of Vrindavana.  Hear about his experiences of growing up in ISKCON, and how he manages to strike a balance between his career as a dentist and keeping his Bhakti alive.

Nectar Talks Episode 4: How to have fun while gettin’ it done in Bhakti: A window into Akuti Dasi. (E21 P2)

Akuti Dasi is a one-of-a-kind devotee, dedicated to the arts of craftsmanship, sustainability, teaching and outreach. She’s excited by fresh endeavors in Bhakti and wishes to deeply encourage the youth (and anyone else) to enjoy the heck out of serving Krishna and the world. Listen in as we dive into her adventurous past, current projects, and her future dreams

Nectar Talks Episode 3

Welcome to Nectar Talks, New Raman Reti’s very own live talk show. In this episode our hosts, Amrita-Keli Dasi and Namamrita Dasa, interviewed two pillars of our Alachua community, Vrinda and Visvambhara Aguilera. Learn about their lives and accomplishments, what makes them tick, their hopes and aspirations. Listen to the interview with this dynamic duo and get to know them more personally.

Nectar Talk Episode 2

Welcome to Nectar Talks, New Raman Reti’s very own live talk show. In this episode we introduce you to our first mini series: New Raman Reti Couples. Amrita-Keli Dasi and Namamrita Das interviewed Madhumati Devi Dasi and Sesa Dasa. Listen to the interview with this dynamic duo and get to know them more personally.

Nectar Talks   Intro (Episode 14, Part 2)

Through an ongoing series of live interviews, Nectar Talks gives a unique insight into the lives of Bhakti Yoga practitioners while allowing us to deepen our spiritual connection with Krishna and each other. Like bees searching for nectar, we seek to extract pearls of wisdom from how they live their lives, and lessons they can impart to us, and our listeners.  

The topics you can expect to hear about are Jivas of Alachua – interviews with personalities of all ages from the youth to our most senior devotees; NRR Couples – a deeper look into the dynamic duos that make up some of Alachua’s colorful devotional families; Exploring the Bhakti / Career Balance – hear from professionals from all walks of life; Walk Down Memory Lane – hearing from senior devotees what it was like to be part of a fledgling ISKCON; Health – maintaining health, living with chronic and terminal illnesses; Guest Speakers / Topics – dealing with addiction, spiritual doubts, raising children in Krishna Consciousness, plugging  into service, navigating personal upheavals, and anything else you want to hear about.

Inspiration! Gratitude (E21 P4)

A reflection on Gratitude by Symala Kishori, followed by a yoga meditation on gratitude from Syamala dasi, a mindfulness counselor, as first published on Rukmini devi’s Urban Devi webpage. 

Inspiration!  Humility (E21 P3)

Srila Prabhupada sings Amar Jivana and speaks on Humility.  You’ll also hear from Rukmini devi, as well as famous quotes and the story of Sudama Brahmana. 

Inspiration: Time;  A New Year’s Reflection

Welcome in the New Year with Gargs Allard, Syamala Kishore, Nitaipriya dasi (our head pujari), Ananga Manjari, and of course, Srila Prabhupada.  Music by Bada Haridasa, Mangalananda, and Yamuna Prasada dasa

Hear from Srila Prabhupada on Christ, Christmas and Peace on Earth

Uniquely presented, you’ll enjoy hearing these words from Srila Prabhupada.

An English Gita Jayanti

Hear the English translation of the Bhagavad Gita as narrated by the devotees of the New Raman Reti Community and beyond.  Each offering is special and  unique to the individual.  You’ll also hear the beautiful music of Ananda Monet from her “Invincible Time” album, any many other of our devotional community’s favorite musicians.

A Devotional Family Christmas

You’ll want to tune in to this special presentation with your families to hear the stories and special music offered for this Christmas presentation.  Heart warming stories, and fun stories too, Brajarani reports from Rockefeller Center, Gargamuni jumps in to share a devotee holiday greeting, Ananga Manjari shares a reading from Bhaktivinoda Thakura about the teachings of Christ.  You’ll hear from Gauravani, Parividya, Dhanya, Mangalananda, Tulasi Priti and more, as well as two songs especially composed just for this day and a couple more surprise offerings too.  Just what you would expect from a devotional family Christmas.

Can You Be A Christian and a Hare Krishna All at the Same Time

A discussion with Sraddhanjali devi dasi.

A Tribute to Yamuna Devi

It’s been nine years since Yamuna devi’s passing on December 20, 2011.  Tiffany Cooper of the NA Vaishnavi Ministry hears from our dear New Raman Reti devotee, Nirmala devi dasi of the character and mood of Yamuna devi.  This presentation is interlaced with the intimate bhajan of Yamuna, as well as an offering she wrote for Srila Prabhupada produced with help from many wonderful devotees by Govinda Ghosh,  A beautiful offering.  We hope you will tune in. 

Govardhana Puja (Episode 14, Part 1)

Hear the “Wives of the Brahmanas” and the entire story of Govardhana Puja from Krishna’s inquiry to Nanda Maharaja all the way through the Prayers of King Indra.  Narrations by Rangavati dd and young Gopal.  Govardhana songs by Anapayani dd. You’ll also hear additional narration by Krishnarupa dd and Damodara das, as well as music by Dhanya, Havi, and Prahlada.  This episode is dedicated to the women and children of the New Raman Reti Community.

Remembering Krishnadas Kaviraja, Raghunatha Bhatta, and Raghunatha das Goswamis

Krishnadas Kaviraja Goes to Vrindavana and Stories of the Six Goswamis.  Narrated by Madhumati dasi, Tadhanatha Swami, Bhakti Charu Swami and Sudharma dasi.  Bhajans from Nilacala Mahaprabhu (1956), Agnideva prabhu, Kripamoya w/Cakrini, Badahari dasa, Prapannam dasa, and more as well as ecstatic kirtan!

Narada Muni, The Transcendental Musician

The story of Narada Muni’s awakening of love of God — from his birth as Upabarahana to his emergence as Narada Muni is narrated by Madhumati and her daughter Syama Darshini.  This classic tale has been set to music and culminates in a meditation on Narada’s teachings.   

Krishna Book and Saranagati Meditations

In this episode, we are pleased to feature Rangavati dasi reading “Draupadi Meets the Queens of Krishna”  This beautiful and soothing narration is nestled between two bhajans from Bada Haridasa and followed by a meditation of the song of Bhaktivinoda Thuakura, featuring the Saranagati prayers.  Absorb yourself in the mood of the Vaisnava listening to Srila Prabhupada, Yamuna devi and friends, Bhakti Charu Swami‘s translation and other beloved devotees.  You’ll also hear the pastimes and passing of Haridasa Thakura and reflections on Srila Prabhupada’s arrival in America.

Sri Radhastami

Join Srila Prabhupada, Yamuna devi, Bhakti Charu Swami, Tarana dasa, Damodara prabhu from the Bhaktivedanta Vedic Library, Atmarama dasa, Rtavaja Swami, Giridhari Swami, Acyuta Gopi dasi, Bir Krishna ,Maharaja, Jahnavi Harrison, Dina Bandhu prabhu, Varsana Swami, Airndra prabhu, and of course more, for this heart warming all day Radhastami celebration.

Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja

Srila Prabhupada chants, Bhakti Charu recites Adore Ye All the Happy Day, Agnideva prabhu sings Srila Prabhupada’s prayers written on the Jaladuta, Jaladuta diary narration, devotees sing Yamuna devi’s offering to Srila Prabhupada, Mukunda Maharaja reads from Miracle at Second Avenue, and the earliest devotees share memories.  Become enriched and entranced.  All day listening.

Sri Krishna Janmastami (Episode 9, Part1)

Happy Janmasthami!  Join with devotees as they share beautiful pastimes, soothing song, and ecstatic kirtan.  This episodes includes (in order of presentation):  The Golden Avatara production of Krishna’s flute, Vrindavana pastimes with Damodara prabhu from the Bhaktivedanta Vedic Library, Aghasura with Chaitanya Caran, Brahma Steals the Cows with Sudharma dasi, the Advent of Sri Krishna from the Bhaktivedanta Players, Janmastami class with Srila Prabhupada, and more pastimes with Radhanatha Swami.  Plus this is all interspersed with really good music.  Turn it on and listen all day.  Eight hours of Krishna sharing for your listening pleasure.

Balarama Mahotsava (Episode 8, Part1)

Celebrate Balarama’s Appearance! Five hours of music and pastimes.  Features include:

Dhenakasura pastime and song; Prahlambasura presented by the children of Saranagati & directed by Carr and Radha Kund), all of Balarama’s pastimes with Bhakti Caru Swami and Radhanatha Swami.  dramatic readings with Damodara, Harinam, Mahadevi, and Parividha; and music from Yamini,  Jahnavi Harrison, Nadia Mani and Madhava, and Agnideva.  Tune in, it’s great, you won’t want to miss it.  Sri Balarama, ki jaya!

The Atma Paradigm (Episode 7 Part 1)

An Interview with Akhandadhi Prabhu on the Atma Paradigm.

A Bhaktivedanta Institute Podcast presentation

A Tribute to a Beautiful Devotee — Krishnanandini (Episode 6 Part 1)

Krishnanandini speaks of her devotion to Srimate Radharani, her story of coming to Krishna cosciousness, her thoughts on interdenominational sharing and more.  She also sings a song she wrote to honor Srila Prabhupada and shares with us today.

Also, kirtan and memberance for Bhaktitirtha Swami in honor of the recent anniversary of his passing.

East Meets West In Devotional Song (Episode 5 Part 1)

Jahnavi and Ananda Monet perform Om Namo Bhagavate at Mantra Fest Moscow Jan. 2019

Jahnavi performs Namo Namah, Give Me Love (George Harrison Cover) and Sri Krishna Sharanam at the Shaw Theatre in London< October 2019

An interview w/ Jahnavi on Mindrolling (interview includes Madhava’s Lullaby)

Mayapuris perform Nityananda and Shyama’s Party from their Nine Islands Album, as well as Hari Haraye with Sri Kala

Chatamayee family and friends’ Dance with the Sun, Dub with the Moon, a tribute to Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda

Awakening of the Soul: Jiv Jago by Nilambary (and Sundara Govinda) Krishna Keshava (Oh What Am I to Do), Chant the Names of the Lord  and Surrender by Gauravani and Gurudeva, Oh My Love, and My Sweet Lord by Dhanya

Beautiful Hare Krishna Kirtan by Amrita dasi


Inspiration (Episode 5 Part 3)

Affection, a lecture delivered by Ramabharu

Gratitude (Mangalacaranam), a bhajan by Nilambary

Freeing Oneself From Envy, a presentation on Towaco Live with guest Radha dasi

Dramatic reading of the Nrisim1hadeva pastime from Srimad-Bhagavatam, by Chaitanya Nitai D. and Ksamesvari D.D.


Nrisimha Chaturdasi Special

Part 1
Nrisimha kirtan from Nrisimha Ksetra, Germany
Srila Prabhupada translates Nrisimha prayers
Lord Vishnu kills Hiranyaksha and saves the Earth from the Causal Ocean
Hiranyakashipu terrorizes the universe
Bhajans include Jayadeva Goswami’s Das Avatar Stotram (kirtan artist unknown) and Anandambudhi Vardam by Bada Haridas

Part 2
Hiranyakashipu terrorizes the universe (cont.)
The story of Prahlad and Lord Nrisimhadeva
Bhajans by Havi, Madhava’s Rock Band and more

Part 3
Nrisimhadeva lecture by Varshana Swami


Episode 4, Part 1
ISKCON News World & Local
Readings from Samapriya’s new book Divine Love Trip
Inspiration: “Please accept my humble obeisances”; Stories and reflections of humility. And more beautiful bhajan


Episode 3, Part 1
Vrindavana through the Eyes of the Goswamis
Drums, Prayers to Govardhana, Stories: Rupa, Sanatana, and Jiva Goswami
Music by Mayapuris, Havi, Kripamoya and more

Episode 3, Part 2
Stories: Radha Raman, Raghunatha Bhatta, Raghunatha dasa, Damodara and some beautiful bhajans


Episode 2, Part 1
Stay-at-Home Morning Program
Srila Prabhupada, Vishnujana Swami, Krishna Premi, Morning Walk Meditation, Yamuna Devi, Vaisesika Prabhu.

Episode 2, Part 3
Inspiration: Stories worth pondering by Yamuna Devi, Sankirtan Das and Srila Prabhupada.
Reflection on Love: Jahnavi, Rukmini Devi, Gauravani.
Also: Indradyumna Swami sings bhajans, Jahnavi sings Krishna He, Krishnarupa reads Krishna Book and Dhanya sings My Sweet Lord.


Episode 1, Part 1
Invocation, Meditations & Bhajans
Invocation by Srila Prabhupada and Gauravani. Srimad Bhagavatam reading in English, first canto, chapter one, verse by verse translations only. Bhajans and meditations: Mangalananda, Jahnavi, Mayapuris, Agnideva, and more.

Episode 1, Part 2
Bhagavad-gita As It Is, chapter one, by Dravida Dasa. Vishnujana Swami sings. Krishna Book reading, chapter 26, Wonderful Krishna, by Krishnarupa Devi Dasi. Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavatam class 1.1.1.


Stay tuned. New episodes will be posted regularly.