Meditation Garden


We have created a beautiful Memorial Meditation Garden down the slope behind the ladies ashram and just in front of Tulsi’s garden. This lovely sanctuary is a serene spot for devotees to chant and read, where our loved ones can be memorialized for generations to come.

Now you can buy a tree, a flowering shrub or a sitting bench and we will put it in place, and a plaque with your name and your loved one’s name will be placed with it. Be part of another legacy project here at New Raman Reti that will be part of this beautiful temple for many generations, where you and your loved one will always be remembered by the devotees here.

These trees and shrubs have been carefully selected for their size, color, and how they acclimate to our weather. We can plant only a limited number so select yours now.

Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Gracefully drooping branches, olive green leaves with silver undersides and dark gray furrowed bark, this majestic tree will create drama and shade for years and years to come.


Fringetree (Chionanthusvirginicus)

The Fringetree is a large shrub or small tree that grows to about 20 ft high, with one or a few short trunks and a rounded crown. It has dark green glossy leaves. In spring the fringetree produces very showy, white flowers with narrow straplike petals that appear at the same time as the foliage. This tree is famous for its lovely sweet fragrance that is potent but never overpowering.


Sweetbay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana)

Sweetbay usually grows in an upright, conical form. This is typically a small tree, usually maxing out at about 30 ft (9 m) in height, The bark is smooth gray. The leaves are evergreen and are glossy, dark green above, and when bruised smell a little like the leaves of bay laurel.


Ornamental Yulan Magnolia (Magnolia heptapeta)

Depending on how it is pruned this extremely ornamental magnolia can be grown as a tree or large shrub. One of the deciduous magnolias, it covers itself with huge creamy white flowers just before the leaves emerge in spring. These spectacular blossoms are fragrant and are held upright on the stem. With age the smooth gray trunk assumes a twisted gnarly appearance that provides winter interest. If left untrimmed Yulan magnolia forms a dense multi-trunked shrub. In fact trees grown in Florida and other hot summer areas tend to be “shrubbier” than those grown in cooler climates. Even when not in bloom Yulan magnolia is attractive due to its pleasing form and largelong leathery leaves.


Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellate)

With a spreading crown, Magnolia stellata is a large shrub or small tree that will gradually reach 15-20 ftin height with a spread of 10-15 ft. when mature. Star Magnolia is dense and compact. The leaves are oblong and about 4 in long. In autumn the leaves turn yellow to bronze before falling. It is striking in late winter or early spring when it appears smothered in brilliant white flowers as it blooms before the leaves appear. This magnolia puts on a show at a very early age – even a 1 ft (0.3 m) high specimen is likely to bloom. The flowers themselves are star shaped with at least 12 thin, delicate petals.


Old Fashioned Weigela (Weigela florida)

This is a deciduous, wide spreading shrub that gets 8-10 ft high with long arching shoots that may spread more than the height if not pruned. The flowers, appearing in late spring and early summer, grow in clusters of 1-4 all along the previous season’s shoots. Individual flowers are funnel shaped, and in the typical species they are dark pink on the outside and pale pink on the inside.


Firethorn (Pyracanthacoccinea)

Firethorn is a large, evergreen shrub that is cherished for its spectacular fall and winter display of scarlet fruits and ability to withstand dry and droughty conditions. These persist through winter and into early spring depending on climate and appetite of the local bird population.



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