Support North American ISKCON Youth’s annual mission trip to Mexico

Support our North American ISKCON Youth’s upcoming annual mission trip to Mexico. Thirty-six of our next generation youth and young adult missionaries will be embarking on a 7000-mile journey over the course of their winter break, December 14-January 5, to share the spiritually uplifting message of Krishna consciousness with thousands of people in towns and villages across Mexico. They’ll be putting on Krishna Culture Festivals of India, with dance, Bhagavad-gita theater, kirtan, prasadam and book distribution at university auditoriums, village market squares, town halls, and they’ll go on Harinamas in various cities. They need your help.

The mission trip will cost upwards of $24,000. Three quarters of that has been covered by contributions from each of the young adult participants, and by their parents. About $6,000 remains to be raised. Help sponsor deserving youth in need who can only afford half of their tour fees. Help pay for the gas for the vehicles, or sponsor books for distribution on the tour (which will encourage the youth to distribute those books, and double the money to put towards their mission trip costs.)

$801 sponsors one tank of gas for the transcendental tour bus, about 1000 miles of their journey.
$401 sponsors half of the tour costs for one deserving youth to go on the Mexico mission trip (he / she will be required to come up with the other half).
$121 sponsors one case of 10 Bhagavad-gitas in Spanish, for the youth to distribute on the tour.
$108 sponsors about 150 small BBT books in Spanish. The proceeds raised from selling the books will help to cover a portion of the tour expenses.

Click here to support our next generation of North American ISKCON Youth missionaries:

Some testimonials:

“The youth looked at each other after the festival at Tampico university and were like, yeah, we did it, all by our youthful selves. They had this “aha!” moment where they realized that we, the youth set up the festival, we cooked the prasadam feast, we performed dances, Bhagavad-gita theater, kirtan on stage, we got the audience to chant and dance with us, we served the prasadam to the audience, we staffed the book tables as they lined up to buy books as souvenirs, we collected their contact information for follow-up as they exited the theater… We can do this! We, the next generation, can carry on Mahaprabhu’s mission.” — Manorama, Alachua, Florida

“I’ve been on three youth ministry bus tours and they’ve changed my life.” — Jahnavi Harrison, London, UK

“I’ve made so many devotee friends, I’ve grown a spiritual family on the tour.” –Adeena, Madison, Wisconsin

“The bus tour was one of the best experiences of my life in Krishna consciousness. I had the opportunity to hang out with a lot of intelligent young people who will be the future of our movement.” –Amala Kirtan, Austin, Texas

“The tour allowed me to explore a whole new country and have fun while also being able to spread Krishna consciousness. With every village and every show that we did, it was incredible to see so many people take to the holy name. At every show there’d be people crying, people dancing… I made so many memories I’ll never forget. In the end I didn’t want to go home.” –Anasuya, London, UK

“I loved going traveling with so many other young people, preaching together, it was such good fun. I hope that other young people get the chance. It’s really enlivening to be out there fulfilling Lord Chaitanya’s mission, serving Srila Prabhupada together, as the youth, it’s fantastic!” –Hema Mukhi, London, UK

“The Mexico bus tour changed my life. Singing kirtan to hundreds of people who had never heard Krishna’s name before, and watching them open their hearts to Him, was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.” –Krishna Jivani, Chicago, Illinois

“It was an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with a sweet group of people doing all these crazy cool things I would never do on my own. It was the first time I ever did book distribution, in a language I didn’t speak, and it was actually really satisfying, realizing that Krishna is so accessible to so many people, and for me, starting to build my confidence in distributing this amazing knowledge that we have. It was such a joyous and moving experience…” —Radhika, Manchester, UK

“I went on the Mexico bus tour twice, and it was the most enriching experience for my Krishna consciousness. It took me out of my comfort zone and so I had to be bold to share Krishna with others. And not just me, but I saw so many of the devotee youth grow in their Krishna consciousness. I saw some youth distribute their first book, I saw youth sharing Krishna through kirtan, through plays. The Mexico bus tour instilled in me a deep desire to serve in Srila Prabhupada’s movement, and in Lord Chaitanya’s Sankirtana mission.” —Sruti Sagara–President, Krishna House, Gainesville, Florida

“The Mexico bus tour was spiritually uplifting, with wonderful association, and wonderful devotees.” —Acyuta Krishna Nama, Gainesville, Florida

“It’s so hard to put the experience of the tour into just a few words. I’ve been on four tours and they were the turning point in my life. The tours brought me closer to my community, they brought me closer to identifying as a devotee, and it was just the funnest adventure. You will go on this tour as one person, and come off as another, in the best possible way.” —Rukmini, Manhattan, New York

“The Mexico bus tours are fantastic! I went on my first one last year. It was the best holiday, spiritual and social experience of my life, and I can’t wait for next year.” —Lakshman, Berkeley, California

“I had such an amazing experience, preaching in every town in Mexico. If you have the time and opportunity to join, just go, don’t think twice about it.” —Bhuvana Mohini, Mexico City

“I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, full of thrills, adventures, and wonderful preaching, including stage performances in front of people who didn’t speak our language but somehow we were able to communicate to them what Krishna consciousness was about… Having that experience was wonderful, I made lifelong friends, and I would recommend it to anyone.” —Tulasi Sutaria, Towaco, New Jersey

“It was 25 days without a dull moment. We were doing something every day, going to the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, visiting so many pyramids, and it was a special experience because of the people I went with. We spent a lot of time together in close quarters, with so many special moments, doing kirtan on the bus, kirtan on the beach, cooking together, serving on different teams. The little open air markets… I had the best time ever. Whenever I tell people about what I did there, they just can’t believe it. I would not trade it for a lifetime. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything as spectacular!” Alex, Jacksonville, Florida

“I loved making everyone dance with us, and watching people around us being so happy [in kirtan]. One of my favorite memories is being in a village where they didn’t have anything but a basketball court, where we performed, and everyone being mesmerized by our performance and eager to learn about Krishna consciousness. It was really exciting for me, and I now have friends around the world, thanks to the bus tour.” —Parizod, San Diego, California

“I’ve been on four bus tours, including Kishori Yatra, and I can honestly say that each one has made me grow as a devotee in their own way. Mexico bus tour was special because you get to do so much preaching and the people are just so open and loving, it’s an amazing experience. Even if you don’t know anyone before, you make so many new friends on the tour.” —Govinda, San Diego, California

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