How River Yamuna Cleaned Itself In 60 Days Of Coronavirus Lockdown

All India | Reported by Ravish Ranjan Shukla, Edited by Nandini Gupta | Updated: May 25, 2020 08:48 pm IST

Two months of the Coronavirus lockdown have done what successive governments could not do in 25 years with over Rs 5,000 crore at their disposal-clean up the Yamuna river.

As industrial activity halted and other commercial activities slowed during the lockdown, the Yamuna river cleaned itself, allowing numerous Indian and migratory birds to flock to its waters. One can now see Indian and migratory birds, such as Grey Heron, Ibis and Storks feasting on fish, which too can be seen swimming in the river’s clearer waters. Click to read full article on NDTV.

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