Help Devotee Families Survive the Winter in Ukraine

  1. More than 8000 Krishna devotees gather for the Bhakti Sangam festival in Ukraine, prior to the war.

ISKCON is the largest group of devotees practicing Hindu dharma in Ukraine, with over 30 active temples and 20,000 members.

Due to the bombing of the utility grids, power and electricity has been lost.  These temples are  expected to face a brutal winter.

There are a few temples that house many families and will not have heat due to destroyed power grids and lost electricity. Generators are needed and the gas to run them would be available. The current report from Ukraine indicates that the greatest need for generators is New Mayapur in the south of the country which is  housing the largest number of devotee refugees, and the big temple in the city of Kyiv. 

If the temples that are still open had generators, the families could huddle together there to survive’.

Sponsor or co-sponsor generators for Ukraine

UPDATE:  ISKCON has begun raising funds to help the Ukraine families and temple buildings survive the winter. Donations are welcome, whether sent from individuals or collectively from your temple.

Here are five centers that may or may not find generators but need to winterize their buildings:

Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernigiv, Dnipro, Zapparozhye

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for the seven centers.

Generators will provide permanent heat beyond this winter, and winterizing temple buildings is much needed.

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