“Hare Krishna: Fifty Years of Service & Joy” Documentary Released Online

By: ISKCON News Staff for ISKCON News on March 16, 2016

New York, 26 2nd Avenue. “Can an ancient Eastern religious tradition be relevant in the modern 21st century?” 


In 1965, a 69 year-old spiritual teacher from India arrives in the West and settles among the hippies of New York’s Lower East Side. From a tiny storefront, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami starts a revolution of consciousness influencing tens of thousands in the US and worldwide. But what happens to his spiritual movement after their charismatic leader’s passing? Will it survive? Will it change? Can an ancient Eastern religious tradition be relevant in the modern 21st century?

In celebration of the upcoming Gaura Purnima festival, a new documentary short entitled as “Hare Krishna: Fifty Years of Service & Joy”  has now been released online and is available to share worldwide.

The twenty-minute film was supported by ISKCON Communications Ministry and the 50th Anniversary Committee, and it was created by an international filmmaker crew, who traveled around the globe to shoot the footage and interview devotees.

The film was released early February, and so far it has been screened in 17 countries and seen by over 10,000 people including ISKCON devotees and congregation, students, teachers, and representatives of other religions.

Some of the feedback the film has received so far:

“We have shown the video in our Sunday feat program yesterday. The audience was spellbound to see the growth of ISKCON all over the world.”  (From devotees in Nairobi, Kenya)

“We shared the film clip at yesterday’s Nityananda Trayodashi festival at ISKCON-London and it was well-received. Made us appreciate that we are part of a wonderful, truly international movement. And was also nice of course to see footage of ISKCON-London Temple and darshan of Radha-Londonisvara included.” (From ISKCON Soho, London, UK)

“I really liked how the video showed people from all over the world, and stressed the fact that ISKCON accepts everyone. I also thought that the part about the vegetarian food was very cool!” (A high school student from Naperville, IL, USA)

“I really like how this video went into depth. It made me really appreciate how rich and beautiful their culture is.” (A high school teacher from Naperville, IL, USA)

Hare Krishna: Fifty Years of Service & Joy

To order a high definition screener copy of the film, representatives of  ISKCON centers and projects could write to Krishna-lila dasi at editor@iskcon.org.

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