Guidelines for Bakers and Cooks for Radharani Club Fundraisers

Thank you for volunteering to bake or cook for the Radharani Club fundraiser!  The profits raised pay for new deity outfits, jewelry, and other items.

For the safety and well-being of everyone, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Items should be packaged well to discourage handling items or eating at the temple. If you need containers, please let the Radharani Club know in advance. Taping the package closed is recommended. Paper plates loosely wrapped with plastic wrap do not work.

  2. If you are making four orders of 6 samosas, please package as four separate orders. Please do not send one container of 24 samosas. For hygienic reasons, Radharani Club representatives should not be packaging the items at the table. Again, please let Radharani Club know if you need appropriate containers.

  3. Please do make the quantity you say you are going to make. Consider making a few extra just in case – your family can enjoy the slightly burned or misshapen items! Remember, your items have already been pre-purchased so we don’t want to disappoint our customers/donors.

  4. Please label each container including: a) What is the item (include gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium, etc. if applicable) b) How many pieces c) Who made it d) Does it need refrigeration e) Any other special instructions (microwave, toaster oven, etc)

  5. If you need assistance with transporting your items to the temple, please let Radharani Club know in advance.

  6. If your items need to be kept cold, please transport in an ice chest with ice. You can ask Radharani Club in advance if you will need assistance with this.

  7. Please deliver your items on time so Radharani Club members will be able to assemble everyone’s orders by the designated pick-up time. (Drop off is 4:00-4:30 pm on Lord Balaram’s Appearance Day – Sunday 8/22/21)

  8. Drop off location is at the Pavilion behind the temple. (Please note this is a new location)

  9. If you make extra items, we can sell them at the table. Feel free to bring those items. But the bulk of this sale will be pre-order.

  10. Of course we know you will practice good hygiene while preparing food (hand-washing, hair tied back, not cooking if ill, observing proper handling of perishable items, etc.)

  11. Please make sure to offer your items before dropping at the bake sale. This is a prasadam sale.

We REALLY APPRECIATE everyone’s support in these important fundraisers!  All glories to your service!

Questions? Call Nataka Candrika at 386 462 5247 (or text-only 352 474 1698) or email

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