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Mukhya devi dasi


For a Hare Krishna devotee, taking initiation into the guru parampara of our Founder Acharya Srila Prabbhuada’s line is an major step on the path of spiritual life that takes us back to Krishna. After practicing Krishna consciousness for some time, reading and studying Srila Prabhupada’s books, following the principles, and chanting 16 rounds of japa daily, a devotee will begin to feel ready to take this commitment. You can read more about being qualified to take ISKCON initiation HERE and HERE.


For taking second initiation and receiving the gayatri mantra from the guru, when a recommendation from the temple authority is requested, we will meet with the devotee personally. We would like to see candidates who show a brahminical nature and behavior, and who follow the four regulative principles, are willing to perform a minimum of 2 hours a week of deity-related service such as cooking, deity dressing, deity bathing, doing the arati, etc; who will attend the morning program with some regularity, and who associate with ISKCON devotees.


In this regard, we want to appreciate recent second initiates who have really stepped forward to engage in the deity program at New Raman Reti.  Rasa-rasika devi dasi and Dina Bandhu das are newer second initiates who both contribute greatly to the NRR Deity worship now that they are brahmanas.  Saci Sundari devi dasi and Vani devi dasi are second generation devotees with brahmana initiation who also are absorbed in serving the Deities here.
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