December Book Distribution Marathon

continues until the end of the month

Take part in paying forward your great good fortune in having come in contact with Srila Prabhupada’s books. Help others learn the secret of the meaning of life. As His Divine Grace himself so aptly explains:

In order to change this materialistic society and prevent them from gliding to hell, first thing is to educate them. All decent men want to give service to humanity, only thing is they do not have information really what is this service…Service to humanity means jñāna. By giving people knowledge, jñāna, that is the highest service to humanity. So we are performing the actual welfare work of society by informing everyone through our literatures who is God, who they are, and what is the realtionship. In this way everyone who hears our message gets the opportunity to fulfill his actual position as human entity and become delivered from the clutches of maya. letter of January 1973

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