Career Coaching for Young Professionals

This year has brought unique challenges in many areas of life, including in particular, economic challenges for students and new professionals. With a rapidly changing work ecosystem, it’s understandable to find ourselves stuck when preparing to make the next step professionally. “How do I best showcase my talents for a professional setting?” or “Why does this job search feel like throwing my applications into a black hole?” are common questions that come up.

For the next month, Balaram Poddar will be offering free one-on-one coaching sessions to any members of the Alachua community who are working on making the next step in their careers. These sessions will best serve individuals seeking a new role on a chosen career path, focusing on one of the areas below:

1) Resume Writing: Building a keyword-rich narrative that is poised to stand out to hiring teams and land you an interview at your target companies.

2) Job Search Strategy: Developing an action plan for getting the most value out of your time on the job search.

3) Interview Training: Using the MBA and Big Tech playbooks to ensure that you are fully prepared prior to walking into your interviews.

Balaram has a foundation in career development strategy from the University of Florida MBA program. Since then he’s spent three years in Product Management and Talent Acquisition at Amazon. He formalized a career coaching practice in 2020, having worked with 50+ business and tech professionals impacted by COVID layoffs this year. The aim of these sessions will be to provide concrete tools to help jumpstart the job search process for any devotees who need it.

If interested, feel free to schedule time for your session directly here.

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