Book Distribution Marathon Report, Dec. 2020

by Sri Vrindavana Devi Dasi

The 2020 Prabhupada Book marathon has been unique. The collective goal for ISKCON worldwide was to distribute 2 million Bhagavad-gitas. Team ISKCON Alachua (TIA) set a more modest local goal of distributing 1,080 Gitas during the month of December. Despite COVID restrictions, over 100 devotees and their families (see list) participated in this year’s marathon and we smashed that goal–with 2,128 Bhagavad-gitas sponsored and distributed! 

TIA would like to thank all the devotees who participated via sponsoring Gitas, packing them in lovely gift bags, making cookies (Mahabhagavata Dasi) and ultimately distributing them–mostly in parking lots of the various shopping centers, in their own neighborhoods, and in hospitals. Brihad-mridanga book distribution ki jaya!  Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

distributing books

distributing books 2

distributing books 3

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